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By BinaryOptions On May 24, 2012 Under Binary Options Brokers - Test & Reviews

XTB is a broker because it allows full access to trading in Forex, CFDs and Binary Options.
We will focus here only binary options trading through this platform. The advantages of using this broker are many: it is a platform that Polish has offices located in Paris’ 8th district and who holds an accreditation given by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) and another granted by the Prudential Supervision Authority (ACP) and the Banque de France authorizing him to discharge his duties on French territory. This means if your funds are safe with this broker. For applicants who are reluctant to send their money to tax havens located in Cyprus in the British Virgin Islands, use this broker may appear as a solution.

1. A professional platform:

If you read the terms of use binary options contracts, you will be reassured by the seriousness of this broker exploding clearly operating rules: to define his quotes: XTB uses information provided by Reuters, Bloomberg and Tenfore, which it guaranteed to have instant quotations and conform to markets. You are therefore certain to use over the interbank markets. That is also an advantage on many parts of the site that does not say how they calculate their exchanges.

A total of 14 currency pairs, 8 and 18 commodity indices can be trades on the platform, making it through a serious, having a nice portfolio and great opportunities (thanks to its origin, this site is also able to provide options based on the zloty, which is rare enough to deserve to be noted).

2. Many tools available to traders:

XTB opts for efficiency by making available to its customers all sorts of tools to enable them to optimize their trading experience:

- After a quick registration, XTB offers the opportunity to try to trade Binary Options using a demo account – again, this is a rare initiative should be welcomed.

- XTB also offers training, some of which are specifically oriented Binary Options.

- Only 10 euros are enough to open a position to begin with Binary Options.

Getting Started with XTB on Binary Options is really something else with many other sites because there was really to the world of finance and not the bookmakers.

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