The prospects of oil on the binary options for 2012

By BinaryOptions On January 31, 2012 Under Binary Options - Advices & Tips

What opportunities are available to those who want to trade the oil through the binary options for 2012? How to put the odds on his side to make money consistently by trading black gold during this year? Trying to do an inventory and take a tour of different strategies that you can also earn money by trading black gold.

1. All analysts agree that oil should keep an ongoing high – above 100 dollars – throughout the year and this because of several factors:

- Despite the departure of U.S. troops from Iraq, the situation is not yet calmed (indeed, the last week of the attacks have bloodied the country) and it will take several years for what was in the years 80 one of the largest oil producers in the world can return to the level of production that was his.
- Tensions with Iran, which regularly threatens to close the Strait of Hormuz over the causes also up for a closure of the crossing would result in direct strategy to reduce global production by nearly 1 / 5 of its current capabilities. The current crisis with Iran does not appear to be resolved, it is likely that it will last at least throughout the year.

In total, we can reasonably expect to see oil prices move between 100 and 120 dollars at least for much of the year. How to take advantage with binary options?

2. We need a better trader with raw binary options with forex brokers:

Trader raw materials is more efficient with binary options with the forex: indeed the Forex, you cash the only difference in terms of pips between the price of buying and selling (or otherwise if you have played upwards). With binary options, you earn a fixed amount that depends on your investment based on a single prediction: increase or decrease, without having to worry about being accurate.

3. What strategies then put in place to make money with oil on the binary options?

You can set up a strategy to help you save on the rise or fall. The evolution of oil prices is not linear, once it predicts an increase in the long run, we can anticipate regular course corrections which may be mounted at once too, so you can easily get from a strategy based on the determination of the supports and resistances on a short term one-day example, try to determine the supports and resistances and take positions based on your analysis. If the price seems low, buy and if it seems high, sell. You can then make regular operations to and from the rise or fall.

You can also favor a strategy over the medium to long term: looking among the binary options brokers who offer options on oil with the longest maturity possible. Buy a course around 100 -105 dollars and let rise. If you find a broker that allows free use of a stop, even better, so you can quickly take profits.

Reading courses for oil this year 2012 are simple. Feel free to take advantage.

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