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By BinaryOptions On April 11, 2012 Under Binary Options Brokers - Test & Reviews

OptionWorld is a platform for binary options trading operated by the company installed ChargeXP Investments Ltd for several years on the island of Cyprus. The broker only just visible on the French market (because of a marketing policy set back relative to its competitors) has, however, a French version of its site. The first impression of this platform is very good, however, by engaging in some tests, the disappointment is quickly appointment for several reasons:

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- With 16 actions, 13 currency pairs, 6 and 22 commodity indices, the choice of binary options seems to be important. However, Optionworld does not take a position on the pair euro / dollar pair is the most quoted in the world. Worse, it is not possible to take a stand on the platform 24 of 24 while currencies are available for trading in all major global exchanges from Sunday evening to Friday evening.

- The site is only partially translated into French and some sentences do not make sense. It sometimes feels a quick translation and hesitant.

- Customer service is theoretically available 24h on 24h, unfortunately during our various trials conducted in the evening, no employee was ever connected.

- The sum of 25 euros needed to open a position is too high compared to that offered by other platforms.

- The site seems to be updated relatively infrequently because when you open the page in February 2012 “section of weekly analysis” … we came across an article dating from August 8th! The year is not specified.

All these elements leads us to advise you not very strongly the use of this platform until the points mentioned above are resolved. This is unfortunate because the platform has two options, which could interest the few number of trader:

- The ability to credit his account with paypal

- Option “Builder” to build it yourself by choosing the option’s assets and the amount of investment as well as the expiration time and ration gains / risks. This function could be of interest to traders confirmed tired of using only traditional options (top down, and touch area) on many platforms.

We can only advise ChargeXP Investments Ltd. to review the operation of its platform optionworld to offer at least suggest that other market participants.

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  1. Albert Sebag
    June 25, 2012
    11:42 am

    My problem with option world is the withdraw i requested 3 weeks ago and still didnt get my money they dont respond to my email, I try chat live, and also few phone numbers listed on the site are not working.. beware

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