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Optionfair is one of the leading platforms in the industry of trading binary options. Opened last year (2010), the site has to be recognized and attract to him many traders. After performing some tests on the platform, trying to see its main features, advantages and possible shortcomings or criticisms that may address.

Optionfair is a trademark owned by Mika Holdings Inc., A company registered in British Virgin Islands. Its center of operations and customer service are both located
the island of Malta. The platform operates on all major financial centers of the world and has a website in 7 languages ​​including French. Customer service can also be contacted in French.

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What are the main features of this platform?

The main feature is the ease of use of this platform: everything is clear and easy to make a trade: you select your asset can be a currency, currency, index or price of shares listed on a the platform, the direction (up or down) and the amount you want to hire. Now you just have to wait until maturity to collect your money. Depending on the options you take, the contract may expire in 15 minutes, in one or more hours or the close of business this weekend, you decide.

The platform has other options available under the tabs: one touch option and the option area.

Binary options available for decision options are not very numerous: 8 indices, three raw materials, 11 currencies and seven shares, representing 29 different financial products in total, while others may offer more than sixty. It is both an advantage for the beginner trader will not be tempted by exotic options and this will avoid clicking anywhere in confusing …. Platform for trading and casino table.

The platform gives a generally very easy to use, smooth and responsive.

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The platform optionfair has many advantages:

- The policy is aggressive marketing and offers bonus interest to new students who can receive 10% credited to his account in addition to an initial deposit between 200 and 499 dollars, 20% for a deposit between 500 and 999 dollars and 30 % for deposits over $ 1,000 (in a deposit limit of $ 5,000 maximum).
In addition, a mentoring system can receive $ 50 for each referral (to be validated, the godson must make a deposit. The godson receiving a sum of 25 euros).

- You can take options betting only 10 euros. Often, many brokers offer only paris minimum of 25 euros. Optionfair should therefore ideal for beginners who want to try more products or to those who have made a small deposit. Up to you however to bet a larger sum.

- The procedure for opening an account is very simple and very fast. In minutes after your first login to the site, you can start trading. The site does not send account confirmation by post, everything happens electronically. The website reserves the right to ask users to make large deposits or withdrawals of large a copy of their passport or both sides of their credit card used for operations.

What should you watch?

A few remarks, which do not constitute per se criticism of the site, but things we can be careful or you may regret:

- The site does not accept payment by paypal. It’s a shame because everyone now has almost a paypal account.

- Policy on the closure of an option by the end of the lease term is not very clear: it seems possible but the site does not mention if this option is not free nor the precise conditions under which this option can be carried out.

- The site offers no platform demo with play money to trade in real market conditions. This is unfortunate because optionfair would have nothing to fear from the establishment of such an option, it may serve the contrary by showing him the seriousness of his platform.

- The number of available option rather small which we talked a little higher is mostly felt in the choice of actions (only 7, but taking action on the binary option is recommended only for more experienced traders, we can think that they will not shrink from opening an account with another broker).

- Site fishing finally the lack of training for traders as well as that of a well-stocked news section. (Which ultimately is not so troublesome, given the quality of the broker)

In conclusion, we can say about it optionfair s acts of a secure platform, intuitive and effective to suit traders beginners and experienced traders.

is our choice of the moment without hesitation!

=> Discover optionfair (click on the link)

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