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gtoptions oilGToptions platform is a newly coming into the world of binary options as it was launched in 2011. What are the strengths of this broker? Should we advise the use? Trying to do a small presentation of this financial intermediary trading.

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1. Welcome offers interesting:

GToptions a broker being very new segment of trading options, it’s on its efforts to welcome offers to encourage users to submit their entries at home. Currently, two offers will attract the attention of people who discover the site:

- Bonuses are impressive and can reach 100% of the amount deposited. If you deposit $ 200, your account may be credited $ 400, sometimes more, if you make such a deposit within 24 h as described in the offer below.

- Through the second introductory offer, GToptions offers free trader with the sum of $ 100 credited automatically on all new accounts. Registration is fast. You just have to indicate an email address, name, and telephone number. A confirmation email is sent. In case of deposits made within 24 hours of such registration, the user’s account is also credited with an additional 5%. The benefit of these is $ 100 direct, do not validate the account by phone as is sometimes the case with other brokers. In case the credit would not appear on the account, simply contact an employee by chat customer service for credit.

2. A complete platform:

Take a position on the market for binary options is simple. There are the usual options (up and down, One touch: for these two options, it is possible to take a position on contracts selected by the broker). However Gtoptions offers another interesting type of contract: The Builder option: it is yourself that your call option. You can determine the type of asset, the duration of the contract expires and how much to invest. This contract is the ideal for investors who know what values ​​they want to invest. The opening of these contracts is recommended for users who have some experience of the markets.

In most cases, five dollars are used to open a position. This is the amount currently proposed by the lowest trading sites.

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3. A few precautions:

Caution, however, take some precautions before embarking on this site: there are still relatively unknown and nobody knows yet if your money is safe (so start with a small deposit in order to pocket the bonus and make some traders before claiming your money to see how this works broker).

If the platform is complete, it sometimes lacks a bit of ergonomics and select the options is not always easy (it often takes scroll and click approximately). This is sometimes a bit dangerous, especially when you want to be fast.

The site is currently in English and also support. Do not use this platform if you are bilingual or if you have a good level of English and, to avoid surprises.

In conclusion, we can say that GToptions is a platform that promises and just waiting to prove himself to use.

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  1. Dan Robin
    June 17, 2012
    6:19 am

    Very good broker, I try the withdrawal process very fast.
    I made there $500

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