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By BinaryOptions On April 11, 2012 Under Binary Options Brokers - Test & Reviews

EZTrader is an Israeli broker installed as many of its competitors on the island of Cyprus. Active in the industry since 2008 binary options, EZTrader is a platform in which to place his trust. Let’s review its strengths and areas that could be further improved:

The positives are many:

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- EZTrader has a platform used directly in a web browser and requires no prior installation to be started: you can trade from anywhere once you have internet access. You just have to identify yourself with your personal codes to access your account.

- The marketing policy is dynamic and encourages them to make big deposit. Indeed, the more you deposit, the more you earn money. The promotions change regularly, this is why we invite you to regularly monitor the site news. Right now, the promotion for those who make a deposit on Thursday: that day by depositing the sum of 1850 dollars, in addition EZTrader gives you $ 925. Your total portfolio would then be 2775 dollars. EZTrader also offers bonuses for lower amounts, but in this case the amount credited to the user’s account is less (so that an investment of $ 500 will entitle you to $ 125 extra credit, either totaling $ 625 anyway).

- Return rates are attractive and can reach 95%. However, the observed mean is lower (around 75%)

- EZTrader offers an option called “Sell option” that can sell the contract before the arrival of the expiration date. When this option is available (which is not the case on all values), there are many benefits as it is possible to limit its losses in case of error in assessing market but also to maximize its losses taking profits whenever you want.

- The choice of options is varied: in total, it is possible to comment on: 4 raw materials, 60 shares, 16 indices and currencies 9.

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EZTrader has however a few points that should change if it wants to continue to attract novice traders:

- The minimum amount to open an option to enter is 30 dollars (or euros), which for novice traders who often try several platform with a small investment amount is far too important.

- With only 9 currency pairs, novice traders probably find more choices elsewhere. EZTrader should offer more pairs to trade, especially since these are the options that are open more often by novice traders.

If you are a trader and confirmed that you trade stocks, EZTrader is a platform that will satisfy you. However, if you are a beginner, it is best to start with his arms elsewhere because this site offers too few opportunities to discover binary options.

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