Dare to take binary options on exotic raw materials

By BinaryOptions On January 31, 2012 Under Binary Options - Advices & Tips

When you think of the contracts on commodities, we often think of the OR or oil. However, there are in binary options brookers many other commodities that can provide significant gains. Theoretically, it is possible to take a position on cotton, GAS, wheat, coffee, silver, copper. For now brookers binary options on the market offer French especially the last two commodities. Let’s see how to make money by trading binary options on money and on copper.

1.How to take a position on the money?

Money is after the oil and gold the third most purchased commodity and selling in financial markets. The money is used everywhere in jewelry, but also in industry for the development of certain electronic components for example. The experts note that this raw material MONEY behaves the same way as in the GOLD by following changes (in moderates the rise and accentuating the generally downward). In this context, take a position on the money is easy on the binary options: try to sell a brand when the GOLD above example.

2. How to take a position on copper?

Copper is also an interesting material on the binary options. This non-ferrous metal works in the industry where it is used as an electrical conductor or also in the building. This feature explains why the price of copper is oriented in correlation with the health of the global economy and thus often in the U.S. economy. After reaching a higher spectacular in May 2008, copper prices then fell during the crisis of September 2008. The good health of the Chinese economy suggests that the copper prices could rise again in the medium term.

Earn money by trading binary options on exotic raw materials is possible, but it should rather advise traders warned that have already cut their teeth on more traditional options. Nothing however prevents you if you are new to you are interested in the courses and identifying opportunities to buy or sell. If you decide to take action, do not forget to follow the money mangement rules that you set.

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