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Interview with the director of Banc de Binary

By BinaryOptions On May 24, 2012 No Comments

A few weeks ago, we conducted the test of a binary options broker that offers innovative trading solutions: Binary Bench. The only small downside was the lack of a French version of this platform and customer service in the same language. In recent days, the site Bench Binary has just put online a French version. This is a great opportunity for us to interview Oren Lawrence, the founder of this platform, which currently still runs the company. First of all thank you for agreeing to answer our questions.

1. You are certainly the only binary options broker to operate directly from the U.S. and not from a tax haven. Why?

Very good question – it is a fact and we are proud. First, we can say that being at the center of financial globalization allows us to use the best traders and analysts better. Then, it is essential that customers feel their

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Understand how the list that the AMF has published on the websites of Binary Options?

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A few weeks ago, the AMF published a list of sites “web unauthorized offering of binary options trading.” This list, says the AMF website replaçait that published May 11, 2011 which contained a series of binary options sites. Understand how this list? How has she made? More generally, dare we ask who is behind this problem raised by the AMF and of interest to all traders: when a sector regulator binary options?

A list of 41 websites:
The formulation of the AMF’s website states that this list is that unauthorized sites (formula seems to say that some would be allowed, but we will return later). A little further, the document states that this list contains sites “for which no service provider authorized investment could not be clearly identified” (question that may arise after: is it as clear identification would out of that?)

Whatever the interpretations that can be formulas, so the list

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Binary Options

By BinaryOptions On January 30, 2012 2 Comments

Binary options have become in just a few years one of the best ways to make money on the internet.

Bloom throughout the commercials more incentives than the other: “Earn money in a few hours”, “Round up your end of the month from home”, “over 85% in two hours.” So what are the binary options? Is this a realistic financial product? How to put the odds on his side to earn money with binary options?

Easy to make an investment:

Binary options are as the name suggests, an option on the future as opposed to an action, you do not buy a stake of a company, but the trend of future courses that you must provide. There are generally two options for a binary option: up or down. To earn money, you must accurately predict the trend of the price performance of a financial product after x time. That’s what makes

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