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Interview with the director of Banc de Binary

By BinaryOptions On May 24, 2012 No Comments

A few weeks ago, we conducted the test of a binary options broker that offers innovative trading solutions: Binary Bench. The only small downside was the lack of a French version of this platform and customer service in the same language. In recent days, the site Bench Binary has just put online a French version. This is a great opportunity for us to interview Oren Lawrence, the founder of this platform, which currently still runs the company. First of all thank you for agreeing to answer our questions.

1. You are certainly the only binary options broker to operate directly from the U.S. and not from a tax haven. Why?

Very good question – it is a fact and we are proud. First, we can say that being at the center of financial globalization allows us to use the best traders and analysts better. Then, it is essential that customers feel their

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GToptions – Test & review

By BinaryOptions On May 24, 2012 1 Comment

gtoptions oilGToptions platform is a newly coming into the world of binary options as it was launched in 2011. What are the strengths of this broker? Should we advise the use? Trying to do a small presentation of this financial intermediary trading.

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1. Welcome offers interesting:

GToptions a broker being very new segment of trading options, it’s on its efforts to welcome offers to encourage users to submit their entries at home. Currently, two offers will attract the attention of people who discover the site:

- Bonuses are impressive and can reach 100% of the amount deposited. If you deposit $ 200, your account may be credited $ 400, sometimes more, if you make such a deposit within 24 h as described in the offer below.

- Through the second introductory offer, GToptions offers

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XTB – Test & Review

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XTB is a broker because it allows full access to trading in Forex, CFDs and Binary Options.
We will focus here only binary options trading through this platform. The advantages of using this broker are many: it is a platform that Polish has offices located in Paris’ 8th district and who holds an accreditation given by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) and another granted by the Prudential Supervision Authority (ACP) and the Banque de France authorizing him to discharge his duties on French territory. This means if your funds are safe with this broker. For applicants who are reluctant to send their money to tax havens located in Cyprus in the British Virgin Islands, use this broker may appear as a solution.

1. A professional platform:

If you read the terms of use binary options contracts, you will be reassured by the seriousness of this broker exploding clearly operating rules: to

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VIPBinary – Test & Review

By BinaryOptions On May 10, 2012 2 Comments

VIPBinary4If you intend to use vipbinary, go ahead with the utmost suspicion because this site is operated by the company ChargeXP Investments Ltd which is installed for several years on the island of Cyprus. This company has launched a large number of binary options sites under different names (OptionWorld example, we had already recommended a few days use). If the colors change on the site, graphics and site problems remain the same. Why launch several sites under different names rather than making one that would work well? That is the question we ask those who care for this site trading.

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Various reasons we invite you to advise against using this site:

- Customer service is inaccessible by cat (sign of a lack of manpower?): Although the Live Support button is

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iOption – Test & Review

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iOption is offering a platform to exchange binary options installed in Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands. The platform is available in eight languages ​​including French. The customer service also responds in French, although in our test site employee spoke clearly so hesitant. iOption existed since 2008, date of onset of binary options on financial markets. The site is fairly active on the French, apparently because of a relatively low visibility. However, it is well known in the U.S., Germany and Asia. Discover the main features of this broker

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Emphasis is placed on the educational side:
At the launch site, we can see that all ergonomics is thought to reassure novice traders: the emphasis is placed on training effect. Users who start with a few clicks and can find many materials that will explain the operation of binary options and how

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TradeSmarter – Test & Review

By BinaryOptions On April 11, 2012 No Comments

The trading platform is active in trade binary options since 2008. Easy to use, this broker has many advantages but some elements that we will detail in our review are that we carry on a mixed review that prevents us from advising novice traders.

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The Good:

tradesmarter has some positive points:

- The platform is very intuitive and stable. Taking option is fully transparent and site staff has made efforts to teaching that all users understand what they are doing, and thus limit the risk of errors.

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However, a number of negative remarks advising us from this site for beginners:

- The minimum deposit is 250 euros. This amount is far too high for beginners

- The translation of French site is very incomplete help pages, market analysis and presentation of the platform are not available in French.

- The site has no

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OptionWorld – Test & Review

By BinaryOptions On April 11, 2012 1 Comment

OptionWorld is a platform for binary options trading operated by the company installed ChargeXP Investments Ltd for several years on the island of Cyprus. The broker only just visible on the French market (because of a marketing policy set back relative to its competitors) has, however, a French version of its site. The first impression of this platform is very good, however, by engaging in some tests, the disappointment is quickly appointment for several reasons:

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- With 16 actions, 13 currency pairs, 6 and 22 commodity indices, the choice of binary options seems to be important. However, Optionworld does not take a position on the pair euro / dollar pair is the most quoted in the world. Worse, it is not possible to take a stand on the

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EZTrader – Test & Review

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EZTrader is an Israeli broker installed as many of its competitors on the island of Cyprus. Active in the industry since 2008 binary options, EZTrader is a platform in which to place his trust. Let’s review its strengths and areas that could be further improved:

The positives are many:

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- EZTrader has a platform used directly in a web browser and requires no prior installation to be started: you can trade from anywhere once you have internet access. You just have to identify yourself with your personal codes to access your account.

- The marketing policy is dynamic and encourages them to make big deposit. Indeed, the more you deposit, the more you earn money. The promotions change regularly, this is why we invite you to regularly monitor the site news. Right now, the promotion for those

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Banc de Binary – Test & Review

By BinaryOptions On February 14, 2012 No Comments

Bbinar 300x250Banc de Binary is a platform for American Option binaires created in New York in 2009 by Oren Lawrence still runs today the company. Unlike other sites of trading Binary Options, Banc de Binary plays the card completely transparent: the company is located in the heart of Manhattan’s financial district, and clearly indicates the mailing address as well as different ways of the contact. The site, although it is only in English is one of the platform the most comprehensive currently available on the market. Discover why:

Firstly because Banc de Binary offers to trade binary options on 80 distributed as follows: 39 shares, 12 currency pairs, eight commodities (including some rare in the world of binary options such as wheat or sugar) and 20 indices. Those who juggle with usually two or three binary options

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StartOptions – Test & Review

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In the opinion of many users, StartOptions is one of the platforms the most serious on the market: payments gains are very fast .

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StartOptions, is a company that is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus . After conquering the U.S. market, and Australian English, the company has great hopes on the French market and hopes within a few months to occupy a key position. To do this the company has many advantages:

- The company has taken very specific and concrete measures to ensure the security of its transactions and does not hesitate to verify the identity of its customers at the time of registration, while other brokers often engaged the audit that the last moment, before generally have to make a payment. If you want to open an account with this broker, we advise you to contact him to ask him what proof of identity you

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