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Forex or Binary Options for trading currencies?

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You also want to take advantage of opportunities arising from the current euro crisis to earn a little money on the markets? You’re absolutely right because the democratization of many financial products, intervene in foreign exchange markets has never been easier than today. You certainly have seen that it is possible to trade currencies with Forex Binary Options as with. So what better tool should focus in order to maximize its chances of winning?

1. Trading currencies on the Forex:

Forex is the best place for currency trader, you are in effect directly on the world market through your broker who is compensated with spreads (commissions) that you invoice your operations buying and selling. Thanks to the leverage you can with a relatively modest commit large sums markets: this is indeed the broker who lends you money over time to cover your position. The advantage is that you can multiply your winnings

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Choose its investment with Binary Options

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If you are interested in binary options, you may have noticed that all brokers offer different options to take a position on Binary Options. We find in general 3: Up / Down, and One Touch Zone. How do these options? Which is it better to choose when starting? How to put the odds on his side of making money with each option? Try in this article to see a little clearer.

1. Up / Down, and One Touch Zone: 3 different modes of investment:

When Binary Options have emerged as a financial product in 2008, there was only one type of investment – which has just given its name to binary options: the option up / down because as the name suggests , there are only two possibilities: the rise or fall. Since, in response to user requests for Binary Options become more and more new forms of investment have emerged:

- The

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Dare to take binary options on exotic raw materials

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When you think of the contracts on commodities, we often think of the OR or oil. However, there are in binary options brookers many other commodities that can provide significant gains. Theoretically, it is possible to take a position on cotton, GAS, wheat, coffee, silver, copper. For now brookers binary options on the market offer French especially the last two commodities. Let’s see how to make money by trading binary options on money and on copper.

1.How to take a position on the money?

Money is after the oil and gold the third most purchased commodity and selling in financial markets. The money is used everywhere in jewelry, but also in industry for the development of certain electronic components for example. The experts note that this raw material MONEY behaves the same way as in the GOLD by following changes (in moderates the rise and accentuating the generally downward). In this context,

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The prospects of oil on the binary options for 2012

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What opportunities are available to those who want to trade the oil through the binary options for 2012? How to put the odds on his side to make money consistently by trading black gold during this year? Trying to do an inventory and take a tour of different strategies that you can also earn money by trading black gold.

1. All analysts agree that oil should keep an ongoing high – above 100 dollars – throughout the year and this because of several factors:

- Despite the departure of U.S. troops from Iraq, the situation is not yet calmed (indeed, the last week of the attacks have bloodied the country) and it will take several years for what was in the years 80 one of the largest oil producers in the world can return to the level of production that was his.
- Tensions with Iran, which regularly threatens to close the

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Trade Gold with Binary Options

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Since ancient times, gold has fascinated men. Combined with the power and wealth, it is still subject to strong desires. For many years the gold was the basis of the monetary organization of much of the planet: this role is now over but gold nevertheless retains all its attraction. Investing in gold can be a good way to make money and do it with binary options can be used to make quick gains. Discover why …

1. A great value especially in times of crisis:

Historically, gold prices have shown that this metal was a safe haven investment, especially in times of crisis. The crisis is currently based on a good number of specialists of the highest, the price of gold should cease to rise. The advantages of gold does not stop there: in 5 years, the price of this precious material tripled to almost daily and the volatility of the metal

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How to recognize scam in binary options sites

By BinaryOptions On January 31, 2012 3 Comments

85% gain in one hour, could say no? You must be bombarded with proposals for binary options broker if you are interested in online investing. Well you plan to open an account before you can also take advantage of these opportunities for gains but at the time of registration, a likely holding you back: what if the site you want to register was a scam? It’s actually a good question to ask.

Try in the following article to see how to recognize scams in binary options brokers

1. Everyone has the right to ask questions:

Unlike the Forex market that is well structured and works for a long time, the binary options is relatively quite young and not yet controlled: indeed, either in France or elsewhere in Europe, brokers binary options are subject to financial authorities – that is, unlike Forex brokers, brokers binary options are not accountable to anyone.

2. Precautions to take

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How are beginners in the market for binary options?

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You will soon start investing in binary options and rightly you wonder how much to invest and from how much you can open an account? Try to take stock

1. The minimum amount to open an account

According to brokers, the minimum amount to invest to open an account can be 100 or 200 euros. Rarely more. But be careful because as we shall see below, the minimum amount to invest just gives you the right to open an account and not the amount you should invest. Attention also when opening the account and selecting the broker has a particularly important that beginners often forget: the minimum amount to invest per option. Indeed, some brokers do not allow to open a position below 25 euros, other 10! As you can see if your investment is low, rather prefer brokers who accept the options open with 10 rather than 25 euros, so you

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Determine the trend to win with binary options

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To make money with binary options, you just need to know how to anticipate an element: the direction of the market over time. Earn money with the binary options is no more complicated than that. Be careful however not to be too simplistic because the situations are different and the market is moving at full speed, that’s what makes the difficulty of the exercise.

To anticipate market trends, there are several things to consider (note, however, for there is no method 100% effective because otherwise everyone would use it):

1. Determine the direction of the market and follow:
Many professional traders summarized quite simply their business: sell when the market goes down and buy when the market rises. Studying the curves of the core values ​​will allow you to see for yourself: follow the trend is very often be a winning technique.

2. Determine the supports and resistances
In binary options, stock prices,

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Put the odds on his side to win with binary options

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To make money with binary options, avoid pitfalls and follow advice to help you gradually increase your bankroll.

1. Pitfalls to avoid:

The first trap may seem obvious, but when you know the evil binary options market, one would be caught very easily: do not believe the ads do a little all over the internet without having a little critical distance, yes, making money with binary options is possible but it is a risky investment where you have to implement a policy of risk management very close to making money in the long run.
The second concerns the multitude of binary options on the market: to attract as many customers as possible, brokers offer to invest in all types of markets. Do not fall for it and a trading platform is not a casino table on which he must build around. Select only the options that you have decided to invest and

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Select your Binary Options to start

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You have just opened an account with a broker binary options but to the wide range of option trader (an average of 80 brokers by), you do not know which to choose? Trying to see what criteria should be to make the right choice:

1. Understanding the functioning of markets binary options:

Make sure you understand the composition of the options that you will take. If you do not know how the index is composed of the NASDAQ stock exchange or even how it is listed, do not take position on it.
Initially, take only position you know indices (CAC 40, Dow Jones, etc …), leave out the indices and other Asian stock market you know not the location or the composition. This does not mean you can not interest you, however. But we must be careful, take your time and be well informed about the composition of an option before launching.


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