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By BinaryOptions On January 31, 2012 Under Binary Options Brokers - Test & Reviews

AnyoptionAnyoption appears on its website as the leading European binary options trading. Launched in 2008 at the time of the birth of binary options, the platform was located on the U.S. island of Cyprus from which to conquer Europe. Present this actor trying to highlight its strengths.

1. A good impression from the start of site:

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At the opening of the site, a sense of security emerges. Unlike other platforms, binary options, Anyoption not hesitate to highlight and explain how it gets its signal by naming its source (Thomson Reuters). The site also reassures its customers by stating its terms and conditions that “customer deposits are held in separate trust accounts and can not be used for the purchase of options on our website. Enough to reassure those who fear that their money disappears overnight.

2. A complete platform:

Anyoption offers traders a wide range of different binary options: 31 indices, 9 currencies, raw materials 4 and 43 shares, making it one of the sites with the greatest number of possible binary options. Be careful not to start to open too many positions, especially if you are new to binary options.

No program installation is needed to start trading: after a quick registration and deposit, all users can make their debut on the market.

The platform also offers an option called OPTION + that allows you to resell Anyoption an option before the end of the expiration date: this option will allow everyone to make better use of binary options providing earnings or by limiting its losses. Be careful because this option is not free and can only be used on some options list is regularly amended. We must therefore learn before starting.

During the weekend, the platform offers the taking of binary options whose yield can reach 380%! The rate of maturity is often set at plus or minus 4 days. For speculators who anticipate the market, these rates of return will earn money quickly in a single trade.

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3. Some areas for improvement:

In our opinion and considering offers from other places of trading, the platform can still improve some points:

- The average rate of profit announced was 71%, which seems rather low, as some competitors do not hesitate to announce levels of up to 85%. While this is an average and as we have seen above, the site also allows for much higher return rate.

- Offers of sponsorship and financial incentives do not exist while other sites offer bonuses of up to 100% on first deposit. Hopefully qu’Anyoption quickly recovers the delay in this area.

Anyoption is a serious platform which should attract a large number of users. Its main strength is the large number of binary options that are available.

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