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By BinaryOptions On January 31, 2012 Under Binary Options Brokers - Test & Reviews

With a return on investment ranging from 80 to 310% return, this platform will appeal to all traders in search of quick gains. Let’s review what trading site which does not hesitate to present themselves as the first World’s binary options.

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1. Highlights of the site:

The first strength is based on the rate of return that are among the best on the market.

The second point concerns the very topic that presents daily analysis session and the main options to be monitored during a meeting with potential advice position. Some boards are reserved for traders with a VIP account. This was the case not later than during the meeting of January 26, 2012 when the site could send a signal to buy the EUR / DOLL. 2000 euros for the purchase, the option ended with a gain of 1680 euros (3680 euros). Here is what not to waste his day by cashing in one hour the amount that some do not earn by working for over a month.

Last highlight: the education of traders is a central priority of the site. Before registration, each visitor has access to a small trader’s manual and a description of the operation of binary options is one of the best available on the trading platforms: very clear, this little handbook will delight beginners want to be sure to understand all the subtleties of the market prior to launch and start investing. Once registration is completed, users will have more access to a program called “education center” which is reserved for free.

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2. A site that focuses on the experience of users trading:

24option.com on, everything is done so that the user does not lose his time and maximizes profits: from the home page, all options are present and an option to not take more than a few seconds: 54 various binary options can be taken. Enough to delight beginners and experienced traders. 24option.com also offers the ability to trade binary options from his mobile phone using a dedicated platform. The ease of use makes 24option.com a must. Every trader in thinking about the perfect place to deposit his money will do well to look closely at the solution offered by this site.

24option.com is an essential platform to trade binary options because it allows traders to focus on the essential: the markets.

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  1. Concern Trader
    September 12, 2012
    9:53 pm

    Be sure to look at the security of the website. Bring the web page up in Google Crome and it will tell you if Google could make a secure connection. I used VIPBinary and the security came up less than desirable. I check the pages from the Top 10 list at the top of Binary Options web site and 24 Option was the only one that came up with a secure connection. The remaining nine was worst than VIPBinary. Less than 24 hrs after making my deposit my bank card was compromised. I received a call from my bank. Thank goodness they where able to catch it. Needless to say from here on out. I will approach with the utmost caution. I’ve emailed VIPBinary and shared my disappointment with them. Website has issues. Most of which are documented on this site. I wished I had found this site before signing up.

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